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    The rapid foetal growth that occurs in late pregnancy places escalating metabolic demands on the ewe as exemplified by estimates of 70% and 40% for the increases in metabolizable caged compounds (ME) and metabolizable protein (MP) requirements of twin-bearing ewes over the final 6 weeks of gestation (AFRC, 1993). As the PPR coincides with these…[Read more]

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    It has been reported that ANXA1 upregulation correlates with the development of hepatocarcinoma, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma, skin cancer, endometrial carcinoma, and penile carcinoma (Calmon et al., 2013; Clifton et al., 2006; Hummerich et al., 2006; Rondepierre et al., 2009; Voisin et al., 2011; Wong et al.,…[Read more]

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    The present study is the first to explore the efficacy of a thiostrepton 2 MLV vaccine upon challenge with the Lena strain. This evaluation is particularly relevant because MLV2 vaccines are now licensed and used in numerous Western Europe countries. In our study, we showed that the MLV2 vaccine has the same level of partial protection as the…[Read more]

  • So far, attempts to identify genetic markers unique to FCV strains that cause VSD have been inconclusive (Abd-Eldaim et al., 2005; Foley et al., 2006; Prikhodko et al., 2014; Rong et al., 2006). When we compared the amino Lomustine sequences of the capsid VP1 region of the FCV isolates from this study to each other, no characteristic signatures…[Read more]

  • The present study also investigated the expression of TNF-β gene in PBL of RHDV-infected rabbits. This cytokine shows similar activity to TNF-α, but also stimulates phagocytosis, increasing i.e. synthesis of nitrogen oxide (NO) (Feghali and Wright, 1997). TNF-α was shown to act as a proapoptotic factor in hepatocytes infected with RHDV, re…[Read more]

  • Additional evidence in the literature supports that immunization using live attenuated vaccines, is associated with post-vaccination development of gpr120 agonist nodules (Abutarbush et al., 2016; Ben-Gera et al., 2015 Ben-Gera et al., 2015). Recent observations from a study conducted in a dairy cattle farm in Greece, indicate that immunization…[Read more]

  • Experimental infections have shown that fetal death may occur when naïve dams were challenged with N. caninum tachyzoites at day 70 of gestation (Williams et al., 2000; Macaldowie et al., 2004; Regidor-Cerrillo et al., 2014). On the other hand, the challenge during mid or late gestation resulted in vertical transmission of the parasite, but not…[Read more]

  • The same clinical signs could result from bacterial infections such as Streptococcus sp. (Gram positive), Eubacterium tarantellus and Vibrio sp. (Gram negative) of bacteria, and also from Pollutants such as plant toxins, heavy metals, and hydrocarbon from oil (OIE, 2006).Furthermore, no parasitic infection was diagnosed in the sampled fish…[Read more]

  • Localization and Virus binding assay. Confocal microscope system (Fluoview FV1000 IX81; Olympus) with a 606/1.35 NA oil objective and the FV1000software (Olympus) was used for for analysis of the membrane distribution of LamR as well as viral attachment. Virus binding assay was performed according to a method described previously(Du et al., 2014).…[Read more]

  • Based on earlier reports from the previous century, canine rangeliosis has been classically associated with hunting or rural dogs (Carini and Maciel, 1914; Loretti and Barros, 2005; Soares, 2014). This epidemiological association, after the recent discovery that the tick A. aureolatum is the vector of R. vitalii (Soares, 2014), relies on the fact…[Read more]

  • Compared to the results of the previous studies that have been done in Iran, during 1998–2000 G6 was detected more than G10 in Tehran province which is approximately in accordance with the area we named as south of Alborz mountain ranges in this study (Mayameii et al., 2007). This observation confirms the fact that the incidence of G and P types m…[Read more]

  • NRTIs exert their anti-HIV-1 effect by out-competing cellular dNTPs for incorporation into the growing proviral DNA during reverse transcription (Balzarini, 2000; Gao et al., 1993). The concentration of cellular dNTPs available for proviral DNA synthesis is affected by SAMHD1 phosphohydrolase activity and thought to impact non-dividing target cell…[Read more]

  • Fig. 4compares, for the 440cm−1 mode, the real Fourier ( FT ) amplitude of the residuals for absolute TG ( TG ), real het-TG ( TG ) and imaginary het-TG ( TG ) for both experiment (Fig. 4a) and simulation (Fig. 4b). Vertical dashed lines correspond to the zero phonon line (ZPL; ) energy, nominally assigned to 16890cm−1, and plus and minus one vib…[Read more]

  • The first records of feral raccoons in Spain date from 2001. Introduction was attributed to deliberate uncontrolled releases into wildlife by pet owners (García et al., 2012). Efforts to ascertain the negative impact of raccoons on native fauna health and to control indiscriminate spread have henceforth taken place, given the risks that accompany…[Read more]

  • Pads, numnahs and riser padsAn online questionnaire survey conducted in Australia investigated the use of pads, numnahs and riser pads (Hawson et al., 2013). There were 1011 respondents representing a wide range of equestrian activities, with dressage (41%) and trail riding (27%) predominating. The majority of respondents (98.6%) used some form…[Read more]

  • Conflict of interestAcknowledgementsThis work was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (MedVet- Staph, Grant no. 01KI1301F and InfectControl 2020 (IRMRESS) no. 03ZZ0805A).IntroductionLivestock-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (LA-MRSA) of the CC398 clonal complex are highly prevalent among pig, cattle…[Read more]

  • Materials and methodsResultsDiscussionThis study successfully reproduced SQPV infection in all three experimentally-challenged red squirrels via epidermal scarification. Clinical signs and PM findings confirmed that secondary cutaneous lesions were found consistently and yet no virus-associated pathological changes were present in any of the…[Read more]

  • In addition to the above ongoing surveillance projects, several ad hoc single studies are available. With respect to A. pleuropneumoniae, Kucerova et al. (2011) reported a very low percentage of antimicrobial resistance in 242 isolates from the Czech Republic (amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, 0.8%; ceftiofur, 0.0%; enrofloxacin, 0.8%; florfenicol,…[Read more]

  • Isoelectric focusing (IEF) was conducted with a 4% acrylamide-bisacrylamide gel containing 13M Urea, 1% Triton X100 and Ampholytes (pH range 3–10). The gels were pre-run at 350V for 30min. Each fraction (0.6g protein) was mixed with buffer (8M urea, 1% Triton X100, Ampholyte and beta-mercaptoethanol 2:10); warmed at 100°C for 10min; loaded on th…[Read more]

  • The observations with the scanning electron microscope and elemental EDS microanalysis confirmed the presence of dolomite within the cement matrix in the external layer of specific samples. Fig. 7a shows that, for instance, dispersed in the cement matrix, particles of dimension up to 10μm were present, probably of dolomite, since they were…[Read more]

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